About this Webinar

May 17 | 1-2:00 PM ET

With the recent public health crisis (PHE) expiration, millions of Medicaid beneficiaries have been impacted as they navigate the redetermination process after roughly three years since their regular communication with Medicaid agencies.

According to data from the Urban Institute, a staggering 62% of Medicaid beneficiaries were unaware of the resumption of regular Medicaid renewals after the expiration of the PHE. Of those who were aware, only 25% said they received information from their health insurance plan. What have Medicaid agencies, managed care organizations, and other stakeholders done to help ensure that members who are still eligible for coverage retain it? How can these agencies continue to educate this population during the redetermination process so that they can retain appropriate coverage? In this webinar, learn from Medicaid experts about their approaches to the redetermination process, and find out how they are supporting and engaging their Medicaid populations during this unprecedented time.

  • Learn and adopt strategies that Medicaid stakeholders have undertaken to overcome the PHE expiration with a member-first approach
  • Consider various channels and methods that managed care organizations and health plans can use to educate and engage with the Medicaid population
  • Enable continuous communication with Medicaid beneficiaries through community partnerships and advocacy organizations


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